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Soultancy advises firms in matters of strategy, organization, marketing and sales, operations, information technology and company formation and investments. We provide custom made solutions to firms who are facing challenges and advise on how to capitalize on future opportunities.


Having an effective strategy is at the core of every business as it determines the approach a company takes in its quest for success. We help design the strategic plans of firms taking into account their targets for growth, introduction of new products, diversification and expansion into new markets.

We help companies develop and implement strategies in accordance with their needs and current ambitions. Whether a firm wants to expand its services into new markets or diversify its product portfolio, our specialists are here to advise them on strategies that are compatible with their strategic priorities.


For a firm to enjoy competitive advantage over its rivals it requires proficient organizational capabilities. These capabilities are closely related to human capital, organizational structure, its procedures and the ability of management to continuously adapt to a dynamic business environment.

By applying proven best practices we advise firms on how to cope with organizational challenges. We make it possible for organizations to adopt effective procedures and avoid creation of bottlenecks. We recommend structural changes where necessary in order to ensure successful management of different business functions. We assist firms utilize available resources ideally and provide them with the necessary skills to operate in a competitive environment.


Advertisement and promotion of products and services have direct effect on company revenues. The amount of resources spent on marketing activities differs from organization to organization but all firms invest in marketing to some extent. The purpose of marketing is to create value for the organization and its customers using different techniques and methodologies.

We advise companies on how to develop and exploit marketing instruments to their benefit. With emphasis on the “Marketing Mix” we guide firms through the whole process and show them how to engage in value creating marketing activities. Furthermore, making use of neuromarketing techniques and psychology we can help organizations create effective marketing approaches.


Operations are all the processes, functions and systems that an organization’s value chain consists of. Finding new and better ways of performing organizational tasks is essential for every organization. Things such as cost reduction, developing client relations, increase in productivity are all related to operations management.

Soultancy helps firms develop and implement procedures that improve efficiency and innovation within the value chain. An effective and innovative value chain can, among other things, lead to improved communication with clients, cost effective production and streamlined processes. These are all very important factors for organizations to be successful.

Information Technology

Integration of technology is crucial in today’s businesses and organizations are required to be fully up to date with its developments. Firms applying advanced technology in daily transactions can create competitive advantages over rivals.

In order to be successful in today’s commercial activities, organizations have to continuously develop, innovate and adopt new technologies in all aspects of doing business. We assist firms achieve this by advising them in matters of software implementation, website development, network set-up and security protocols and enhancement. All this empowers companies in effectivizing everyday tasks and procedures.